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It’s time to start thinking about some winter warming tips to keep your pet toasty warm through the colder months.
Winter Warming Tips
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Winter Warming Tips for Pets

Winter Warming Tips

Winter Warming Tips for Pets

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but it’s starting to cool down. That means it’s time to start thinking about some winter warming tips to keep your pet toasty warm through the colder months. All pets need some extra care around this time to keep them healthy and well, but if your pet is frail, sick, old, thin, or short-haired, you’ll need to pay even more attention to helping them stay warm.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can help beat the winter blues, and some winter warming tips to watch out for as things cool down.


Exercise is a great way for pets and people to keep warm and stay fit when things begin to cool down. As the days get shorter, it can be difficult to summon the motivation to take your dog for a walk, but it’s even more important to help them stay healthy and well – and it’s great for your health at the same time. Most experts recommend short bursts of exercise during these months, so think about keeping it around the 20-minute mark.


There’s nothing cuter than a pet in a jumper, and it’s about to be the right weather for it. There are plenty of options for shapes, material, and style, so you should have plenty of choice when it comes to your pet’s wardrobe. You also might want to consider waterproof shoes if it gets particularly cold where you are.

Make sure you choose clothing that gives your pet room to breathe, and is safe for them, without cords or buttons that could pose a safety risk. When it’s time to come indoors, make sure your pet doesn’t overheat by taking off all those layers.


When it gets really cold, it’s best to keep your pets inside. But if they do stay mostly outside a good shelter or kennel can go a long way towards helping them stay warm and dry. You’ll need to choose one that’s insulated, and make it comfortable for them.

A shelter will need to be small enough to keep the heat in but big enough that they can easily come and go, and turn around once they’re inside. Remember to make it soft and inviting with bedding and blankets.


Wherever they sleep, your pets will appreciate warm bedding just as much as you do. If you have cold flooring or a draught, pet beds will need to be raised up off the floor. Snuggle safe pads are a safe way to make your pets even more warm and comfortable. Scratch resistant and easy to clean, the pads go in the microwave for a few minutes and stay warm for a long time. Place them under your pet’s bedding to keep them extra snuggly.

Winter Safety

As well as keeping your furry friends warm and comfortable, winter brings up a few more challenges that you’ll need to keep in mind. Grooming for example – with the cold weather, some owners give fewer baths. Your pet’s skin and fur will need just as much care in the winter, but just make sure that they’re well dried afterwards.

Keeping dry is vital with the colder weather, so make sure that your pet’s bedding doesn’t get damp. At least every few days, it will need airing out or a good wash to ensure your pet is kept warm and dry. They’ll be more likely to spend more time in their warm bed, so you might need to adjust their food to compensate. Pets that are less active require less food, so keep an eye on their diet and try to encourage activity.

Chasing away the winter blues

Cold weather is a great time to snuggle up and stay cosy, and your pet will appreciate your efforts to keep them safe, warm, and dry. All pets need extra care through these months, but if your pet has thin fur, conditions like arthritis, or is older, take even more care to give them somewhere comfortable and warm. With a bit of extra effort, you and your pet will be all ready to snuggle up and escape those winter chills.  

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