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Dog Boarding Kennel Brisbane

Are you looking for a premium quality boarding kennel in Brisbane that doesn’t compromise on comfort or security? Look no further than Castelan Boarding Kennels!

One of the most stressful decisions about planning a getaway, whether it be a much needed holiday or an unforeseen emergency, is finding a suitable environment to leave your furry loved one. With the help of Castelan’s secure and comfortable dog boarding kennels in Brisbane, you can give yourself peace of mind when booking your next getaway!

Designed for maximum comfort and room to roam, your dog is guaranteed the same care and love they receive in the comfort of their own home when you choose Castelan’s dog boarding kennels in Brisbane. So, just how has Castelan maintained its positive reputation and remained one of Brisbane Southside’s longest running holiday boarding accommodation for dogs?

1.     Comfort: cosy and spacious sleeping arrangements

At Castelan, we place the utmost importance in providing a comfortable and secure sleep and play environment, to ensure your dog feels right at home. Featuring two kennel buildings to separate large and small dog breeds and fully insulated indoor sleeping areas with mechanical fan ventilation, piped music and raised beds, your pet is guaranteed a stay like no other at Castelan.

Do you have multiple pups? Don’t worry, we can house them all! In addition to offering comfortable and reliable accommodation choices for individual dogs, we also understand the importance of keeping multiple family pets in the same kennel, if required. It is for this reason that we also offer large dog boarding kennels should you have multiple dogs that feel most comfortable together.

2.     Health: Exercise, Hygiene, Diet

At Castelan, we take pride in offering a warm and personable service, where we take the time to get to know your dog and create a customised meal and care plan specific to their individual requirements. Whether it’s unique medical problems, allergies, social problems or fears, our experienced team will ensure your dog’s needs are catered for.

Does your dog require frequent exercise? Do not fret! At Castelan, we believe all dogs should have the freedom to roam and stretch their legs for the benefit of socialising and exercising. Castelan offers long and individual outdoor runs as well as a separate outdoor grassed area for additional exercise, should your pet need the extra space.

With our dedicated dog grooming and wash area and our focus on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with the use of premium dog food only, you can rest assured that your dog’s health and hygiene is our primary concern during their stay.

3.     Safety

Feeling helpless about leaving your dog in an unfamiliar place? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Castelan is conveniently located in close proximity to a Veterinary Hospital and has 24-hour access to veterinary care, should any immediate issues or health concerns arise.

At Castelan, our dog boarding kennel in Brisbane offers quality and comfortable care for your furry loved one. With more than 40 years in the dog training and pet boarding industry, Castelan Owners and Operators, Lance and Helen, have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing a safe environment that your dog is guaranteed to love.

To find out more about our dog boarding kennels in Brisbane, please feel free to call Lance or Helen on 3390 1132.

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