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Caring For Your Pet | Pet Boarding Brisbane South

It’s an undeniable truth that pets are an important part of any family. However, much like us, pets also require constant maintenance and care to ensure they’re happy and healthy. Here are a few quick and easy tips for any new pet owner wanting to give their lovable fur-baby the best care possible:

Proofing Your Home

First and foremost, if you’re a new pet owner it’s important to make sure your pet has a safe environment to live in. Puppies can be clumsy, and notorious for chewing everything imaginable, and kittens and cats like to scratch and climb wherever they can. Not to mention pets are always willing to try and sneak a snack! By keeping your house tidy, putting breakables and valuables (including shoes) somewhere safe, ensuring there are no small, edible objects laying around or access to chemicals that could damage a digestive system, you create a fun and safe home for you and your furry friend.

It is also essential to have the right amount of yard space and good fencing to suit your pet. In particular, if you live near public walkways or parks, you should make sure that your fence is sight proof so your dog won’t be tempted to bark at those passing by or be tormented by other animals.

Vet Care

Just like us, pets also need regular check-ups, which should start from birth (or adoption) and continue right throughout their lives. Quality vet care can mean the difference between a short-lived life and a long, fulfilling one. Consistent care, vaccines, and the necessary spectrum vitamins (to protect against heartworm, roundworm, as well as fleas) can ensure your dog or cat has a long, healthy life. Regular check-ups are also essential as a vet can focus on areas of health care which new pet owners may not consider such as dental care and weight control.


Different dog breeds have different exercise requirements, so before you adopt, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Working dog breeds, like border collies, terriers, or hunting dogs, require a lot more exercise than couch potatoes like bulldogs, basset hounds, or many some dogs. Lack of proper exercise in high energy dogs can result in destructive or attention-seeking tendencies. Advanced obedience training can be a good outlet for high energy dogs, as complex tricks can stimulate their brains and use more energy than they may have otherwise. Daily walks to trips to a dog park would be best to keep you dog active and ensuring you have a backyard with plenty of space for larger pets.

It may or may not seem counter intuitive, but cats need their daily dose of exercise too. Daily play time with toys, boxes and scratching poles is necessary for their development and aids in maintaining healthy weight levels.


Another simple yet essential pet care tip: provide a healthy diet.
In addition to quality vet care, it’s a huge contributing factor to a healthy, happy and long life for your pet. Keeping them on a healthy diet will avoid a host of health problems from occurring. A knowledge of the pet food industry, and what goes into the food is also a plus. Personal choice affects what you feed your dog, however, there are a variety of different eating plans to choose from. A good diet can be made up of a combination of wet and dry foods which various meats, vegetables and certain bones. High quality pet foods generally contain all the necessary nutrients your pet needs.


Animals can get bored or lonely when left alone all day, or left with the same toys all the time. Rotating toys every few days will ensure they remain entertained, and have something to look forward to when you leave. Some animals may develop separation anxiety. If this occurs, especially if you’re out of the house all day, pet boarding services are available, and they’ll get time to socialise with other animals and still get attention when you’re not home. There are also dog-walking or dog-sitting services in most areas that can alleviate this.


Proper training can ensure that your furry companion is well behaved when he/she needs to be, and you don’t have to worry about them fighting or disturbing other animals, people, or children (or with a full plate of food!). You can start basic training from a young age by slowly introducing your pets to other people, animals and various playing techniques. Puppies can be particularly prone to destructive or attention seeking behaviour puppy training school is ideal for teaching your pets right from wrong in the beginning.


Depending on the breed of your cat or dog, proper grooming is essential. Short-haired breeds require minimal grooming and are recommended for first-time owners, or people with busy schedules. Long-coated or double-coated breeds require extensive grooming to maintain a healthy coat and body. For oral care, bones and frozen treats are a good way to maintain health, and if you go with frozen chicken or something similar, they’ll love it all the more on a hot day.

At Castelan Boarding Kennels and Cattery we have over 40 years of experience working with various pets and animals. We understand that your pet is a family member so you can rest assured we will provide them with best pet care during their stay.

For more information about our pet boarding services in Brisbane South, give us a call today on (07) 3390 1132 or email [email protected].

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