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Top 4 reasons for why German Shepherds make the best pets

Top 4 reasons for why German Shepherds make the best pets

Owner operators of Castelan Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Helen and Lance Young, are also respected Brisbane German Shepherd breeders.

Their breeding operation, Vonehrlich Kennels, imports German Shepherds directly from Germany to Australia for breeding of the most acclaimed bloodlines.

They are passionate about breeding quality animals for showing and obedience. However, they are firm believers that German Shepherds are much more than just obedience and showing superstars. They also embody myriad qualities that make them the perfect pets.

So, what is it about GSDs that makes them the best dog you’ll ever have?

#1 They make perfect companions for active families

Highly regarded for their courage, German Shepherds are adventurous, active and physically capable of keeping up the pace. Hike, run or day out in nature – your German Shepherd will make the perfect playmate.

#2 They have few major health risks

While elbow and hip dysplasia can occur in GSDs, our Brisbane German Shepherd breeders have the experience to know that with the right care, these conditions are preventable. With proper diet, exercise and love, these animals can live long lives with no health issues.

#3 They are super intelligent and can be easily trained

For the same reasons that German Shepherds make fantastic police and search & rescue dogs, they also make fantastic pets. With a tendency to want to excel, German Shepherds are more likely to respond to training than other breeds. According to Wag!, this is because GSDs are super loyal to their owners and make it their goal to fulfil their owner’s requests.

Sitting, staying and rolling over is short work for your GSD!

#4 They will help to keep your family safe

German Shepherds are widely known as being fantastic guard dogs. They are fearlessly loyal and highly attune to changes in their environment. Even just having a GSD is enough to deter potential threats thanks to their reputation for pulling no punches when it comes to protecting their family.  

With endless fantastic traits – you’d be barking mad not to welcome a German Shepherd into your family.

If you’re serious about introducing a GSD into your life, reach out to the Brisbane German Shepherd breeders that know their stuff, Vonehrlich Kennels. They’d love to talk you personally about the joy these remarkable animals bring into your life.

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