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Should You Schedule Your Pet’s Meals?

Pet Meal Schedule

Should You Schedule Your Pet’s Meals?

Free-feeding or feeding on a schedule? Many pet owners are not sure about how often to feed their pet, how much, and how often. And it can be a tricky subject – different animals have diverse requirements, so you will need to base your choices on what is best for your pet. Let’s look at some more information about feeding your pet that will help you ensure they get the right nutrition they need.

Which is better?

There’s no clear answer for whether you should be timing your pets meals or letting them eat whenever they’re hungry. Some animals do well having food available at all times, while for others that can lead to overeating and weight gain. There are some pros and cons to each, so it’s important that you decide based on what’s best for your animal.

Free Feeding

Free feeding involves leaving a portion of food out at all times so your pet can have access whenever they’re hungry. It’s convenient and easy, especially for people who aren’t home as often. However, both cats and dogs can quickly develop bad eating habits, which can lead to obesity. If your pet becomes ill, it’s difficult to tell how much they have been eating. It is also really only suitable for dry food – wet food can become inedible fairly quickly.

Scheduled feeding

Feeding your pet carefully portioned meals that they can finish in one sitting is referred to as scheduled feeding. It means you or someone else needs to be on hand at the same times during the day, and that you take into account your pets specific requirements, such as their species, breed, size, and activity levels. Cats often do better with 3-4 small meals per day, while dogs are generally ok with fewer. This method gives you more control over the quantities and types of food you offer your pet.

What to Choose?

While it does depend on your animal and your lifestyle, most pets do better on a scheduled feeding system. It gives you a lot more control, and can help you keep them healthy. If you do decide that free feeding is the best choice for your pet, try to keep an eye on how often and how much they’re eating. If you notice your pet is putting on weight, it might be time to try another option.

Best for Your Pet

When considering your pet’s diet, your vet is the best source of information. They can help you understand the best way to help give your animal the right diet for them, helping them stay healthy and happy.

Here at Castelan, we are fully equipped to keep your feeding method going while you’re away. If you need a place for your animals to stay when you have to be absent, our top quality facilities and excellent staff can help keep your pet safe and happy.

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