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Moving houses with your pet? A few simple steps will help keep them happy, healthy, and ready to explore their new home.
Moving Houses with your Pet
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Moving Houses with your Pet

Moving Houses with your Pet

Moving Houses with your Pet

Moving houses with your pet? Moving can be a stressful time, and your pets can also feel stressed right along with you. If it’s time for a change, make sure you include your furry friend on the list of things to consider as you move. A few simple steps will help keep them happy, healthy, and ready to explore their new home.

Here are some tips for moving houses with your pet.

Can They Come With You?

The most important consideration in finding a new place is to see if your pet is allowed to come with you. If you’re renting or buying in a place with strict body corporate rules, you’ll need to at least ask the question. Don’t be tempted to leave them off the application – if it comes to light later on that you have an undisclosed pet, you might find yourself in a very difficult situation. Properties that allow pets are an obvious choice, but even if the application says “No Pets” it can be worth an ask. Send a polite and concise email describing your pet, how you ensure they don’t damage the property or disturb the surrounds, and you might be surprised.

Try to Maintain Calm

You might be feeling stressed – and lucky for you, your pet is a great asset to help you relax! They don’t understand what’s happening, so as their world gets packed into boxes and their owners become very busy, they might need some extra reassurance. It might be snuggles on the couch, a bit of extra playtime, or just making time for a quick pat. And the bonus is that it can help you to unwind as well! If there’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on, why not consider boarding your pet for a few days? Castelan can help keep them happy and cared for while things are chaotic at home.

Bring their Things

As everything descends into moving chaos, it can be difficult to locate important items. Make a carry bag that has everything you need to help your pet adjust in the new home. That might include some treats, especially if they offer distraction such as dental chews. Their favourite toys are a must, and a blanket or bed that’s familiar to them. You’ll need their bowls, food to put in them, and any medications they might take. Your grab bag will save you scrambling around looking through boxes once you’ve moved.

Help them Settle

In the new place, they’re going to need some extra love. Animals showing lots of stress signs can benefit from being kept in a smaller space such as a bedroom, with lots of familiar items. Keep lighting low and noise levels to a minimum. As they settle down, you can gradually introduce them to the rest of the house. It’s important to keep an eye on them during the early days, and ensure there’s no possibility of escaping out of the yard. And of course, lots of extra pats, cuddles, and play time will go a long way towards helping them feel at home.

Moving Houses with your Pet

Just like people, different animals respond differently to the stress of moving house. Regardless of whether they’re easy going or apprehensive, it’s important to put extra effort into helping your animal feel at home. Creating an environment that is low-stress and filled with familiar things will help your pet settle down, so you can all get down to enjoying your new surroundings together.

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