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If you’ve got a new feline friend or wondering how to keep your current one entertained, here are some tips on keeping your cat happy.
Keeping Your Cat Happy
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Keeping Your Cat Happy

Keeping your cat happy

Keeping Your Cat Happy

Many people see cats as a lower maintenance pet, but they still need plenty of care to give them the best mental and physical health. Cats need to stay active and keep their brains busy, and they need their humans to help. If you’ve got a new feline friend or wondering how to keep your current one happy, here are some tips on what you can do to give the best life to your kitty.

Keep them indoors

Your cat probably wants to go outdoors, and that makes sense – plenty of sun to lie in and things to chase. However, the outdoors can be unsafe for your cat unless they are well contained or supervised. Letting them roam free is actually against the law in Queensland – not only is it harmful to wildlife, it can be harmful to your cat. If you’re really committed, a cat run or special devices along your fence allow your kitty to enjoy the sunshine while staying safely inside your yard.

Burn some energy

Cats love to pounce, play, and keep active – in between naps of course! There are plenty of toys and activities available that can keep your kitty on the run. Whether you opt for traditional toys or modern moving ones, try to change it up and keep their interest alive. You might want to have a collection that you rotate, keeping some away and replacing their current toys when they get bored.

Make space

You don’t need a massive living area to give your cat enough room to move. Cats love to climb, so think upwards – a cat tree or a run that lets them get up high is perfect. Some owners create “catios”, an enclosed space that lets cats access the outdoors without roaming free. But you also don’t have to make major changes. Think about a ladder for them to access the tops of your wardrobe, bookcases, or other furniture to increase the available space and get them on the prowl from up high.

Close contact

Not all cats are super social, but it’s important to spend time with them – especially if they don’t have another furry friend. Grooming is a great place to start, and you can get a variety of gloves and brushes that keep their coat in check, stimulate their skin, and help your cat feel loved. If you aren’t able to spend the time with your cat that they might need, consider getting them a friend – but be careful that you thoroughly research how to introduce the two together so you don’t have a rocky start.

Care for their wellbeing

A healthy cat is a happy cat, so caring for their wellbeing is the most vital element to keeping your cat happy. Always ensure they have access to clean water, and keep an eye on their weight to determine that they’re getting the right amount of food. Some cats can handle grazing as necessary, but others will overeat, so figure out what’s right for yours. A scratching post lets them keep their claws in check, and hopefully will save your furniture! And of course, regular vet checks are essential to ensure they are progressing well and staying fighting fit.

Keeping your cat happy

Fun, food, fitness, and lots of love – it’s not hard to keep your cat happy. Spending time with your cat shouldn’t be a chore, and they’ll love you for it. There are many studies showing the benefits for humans of owning animals, and that cuddly grooming session or playing chase is great for you both.

At Castelan, we are committed to keeping your cats healthy and well while they’re enjoying their stay with us. If you’re going away and need someone to look after your furry friend, give us a call! We’ll ensure they are happy and expertly cared for, until it’s time for you to come home.

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