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If you’re looking for some tips to tire out your energetic pup, here are some ideas that will have them playing all day.
tire out your energetic pup
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How to Tire Your Energetic New Pup

Tire Your Energetic New Pup

How to Tire Your Energetic New Pup

If you’ve welcomed a new puppy, it’s probably sinking in how cute, cuddly, and oh so energetic they truly are. Even if it’s not your first time, it’s easy to forget just how much bounce a baby can have – right before they suddenly fall asleep, of course!

Using your puppy’s energy is good for them, and good for you. It keeps them healthy, active, and distracted from other less desirable puppy habits like chewing things that are not meant to be chewed. If you’re looking for some tips to tire out your energetic pup, here are some ideas that will have them playing all day.

Choose Your Chews

Chews are essential for your growing pup, with the added bonus of keeping them occupied. They can help with keeping their teeth clean, soothe those teething pains, and redirect that chewing instinct away from your shoes. There are plenty of options but be sure to pick a puppy safe brand, and don’t leave them unattended for long. It’s worth chatting with your vet about their recommendations for a safe and healthy choice for your pet.

Toys Galore

Pups are learning about the world around them, and they need lots of mental and physical stimulation to help burn that energy. Puppy friendly toys with a range of shapes, textures, sounds, and movements provide lots of entertainment. Instead of littering the house with every toy in sight, try to rotate them around to keep things new and exciting. Again, remember that the priority is to keep your pup safe. If you notice that playthings are degrading or your puppy is able to break pieces off, it’s time to retire that toy.

Encourage Alone Time

It’s natural to want to spend every moment you can with your new furry friend, but it’s important to establish healthy habits. That means encouraging independence and letting them explore their world on their own. Set up safe play spaces with lots of distractions, and let them enjoy on their own. It’s a good way to help avoid separation anxiety later on, and they’ll be even happier to see you when it’s time for one-on-one play time again.

Find some Friends

Puppy play time is the best! They can learn good social skills early on, have some fun, and burn all that energy. It’s a good way to get outdoors and meet some new friends, of both the two and four legged variety. While socialisation is incredibly important, protect your pup by ensuring their vaccinations are up to date before they start mixing with other dogs.

Start Training

It’s never too early to learn some manners. Training should always be kept light and fun, so your little one is keen and ready to spend some time with you. There are plenty of great training strategies that will have you and your pup learning all the right moves. Lots of treats, learning, and time together – it’s a great way to burn some puppy energy.

Keep it Simple

It might be tempting to pile on the high impact activities, but when your puppy is very young that might not be the best choice. You want to protect their growing joints and keep them from injuries, and intense play for long periods of time might end up doing more harm than good. Keep your play times short and frequent where you can – a good baseline to get you started is to average five minutes of intense exercise per month of age.

Tire Your Energetic New Pup

Tiring your pup can be a job in itself, so mix it up! Variety is the key. Use a mix of toys, games, learning, independent play, socialisation, and down time to keep them entertained and engaged. Your pup with be healthier, happier, and even more keen to engage in some well deserved rest.

When you need someone to keep an eye on your puppy, choose Castelan. We’re the Brisbane boarding kennel that’s experienced and equipped to help you care for your furry friend when you need to head away.

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