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Easy Dog Treats

Easy Dog Treats

Easy Dog Treats

You love your pet, and it feels great to give them a treat – so why not make sure those treats are as healthy as possible? Just like humans, it’s important to limit how much extra food your pet gets. Many commercial treats are full of calories, fillers, and preservatives, which aren’t great additions to anyone’s diet. On the other hand, giving your animals “people food” can present other problems. 

Let’s look at some ideas for easy dog treats that will keep them happy, healthy, and coming back for more.  

Dental Chews 

Look after their teeth while you reward your pet with a tasty treat! More than just a fun addition to their diet, dental chews help your pup to keep their teeth clean. Chewing on a hard treat helps your pup to get rid of that nasty plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth, helping to keep them occupied while they keep their smile healthy. The best dental chews will last a long time and really make them work, so brands that are easily chewed and quickly swallowed won’t give them the optimum benefits.  

Back to Basics 

Treats don’t have to be complicated to be delicious for your dog. There are plenty of options with one ingredient that can assist your training and give your dog some extra dinner. Try beef or liver jerky, found at all good pet food stores. Dried pigs ears are readily available, and give your dog plenty of chew time. Raw, meaty bones can be readily sourced while you’re doing your regular shop – but make sure you never give your dog cooked bones, as they can shatter and cause injury with the resulting shards. If your dog likes fruit or vegetables, you can use them to supplement their diet – see how they go with an apple, carrot, or sweet potato, for example. You can cook them into chews if you prefer.  

Around the House 

There are foods you might have in your own cupboards that are fine for your dog to eat. Just make sure there are no nasty additives like garlic or especially xylitol – they won’t go well with your pups tummy. Pups LOVE peanut butter, and as long as it contains no xylitol it should be safe to try. Meat is another obvious go-to, but again – ensure it hasn’t been seasoned and doesn’t have any cooked bones attached. Plain, low-fat yoghurt can be a good source of calcium and probiotics, but not all dogs can tolerate any lactose so if your dog gets an upset stomach it might not be the right choice for them.  

Baking Biscuits 

There are so many simple recipes to make your own dog treats, and you can be sure they’re fresh, natural, and delicious. Try these Fluffernut Kisses, for a relatively low-cal way to treat your dog. There are plenty of recipes for peanut butter cookies, like this one that includes oats! For a chicken and rice tasty treat, try these. Or find a veggie-packed baked snack, a grain-free biscuit, or meat-based morsel with the many recipes available online. 

Keeping your dog healthy 

Treats are great, but they’re not a necessary part of anyone’s diet. That means if you choose to add treats to your pup’s diet, you need to pay careful attention to their total caloric intake so they don’t end up getting more than they need. You should also try to make them as nutritious and beneficial as possible, so they’re not just wasted calories. 

And while fruits, veggies, and yummy food are awesome ideas, there are some foods that dogs simply can’t have. Chocolate, xylitol, onions, and grapes are some foods that can be harmful at best, and deadly in the worst case scenario. Read more about food to avoid here, and be sure to do your research before you include an ingredient you are not absolutely certain about.  

Easy Dog Treats 

There are so many fantastic options for delicious foods to feed your pup, and they’ll be wagging their tails in no time. Depending on the type, treats are great to use in conjunction with training, for dental health, and as an added vitamin booster that supplements their diet. Just be sure to monitor how much they’re eating in total, and that the ingredients you choose are going to give them the maximum benefits for the most delicious reward.  

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