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Foods to keep away from your pet

Dangerous Foods for Pets

Foods to keep away from your pet

We all love chocolates and treats, but you’ll have to find a unique way to show that special pet in your life how loved they really are – people food can be a real danger to your animals.  

Here are some of the top foods to keep away from your cats and dogs, so your pet can stay sweet and healthy.  

  1. Chocolate 

Chocolates are undeniably delicious, but they’ll need to be kept far away from your animals – particularly your dog. Aside from the high sugar and fat content (hey, that’s why we love them!), the cocoa in chocolate can make your animals very sick.  

  1. Xylitol 

If you’re trying to avoid sweet treats, you might find some sugar-free snacks make their way into your house. If you have a dog at home, it’s vital you check that they don’t contain xylitol. This artificial sweetener is toxic to dogs, and can be life-threatening even in small amounts. Beware of household products like toothpaste that could have xylitol added.  

  1. Alcohol 

Keep those special beverages far from your animals, as it could make them extremely sick. Symptoms range from vomiting and dizziness to more serious reactions that could endanger your pet’s life. 

  1. Onions and Garlic 

They’re not great for your breath, and they’re really not great for your pet. If they’re eaten in large enough amounts, onions and garlic can cause severe symptoms in your pet. They’re probably not likely to eat them raw, but consider what might be in your cooked food as an added incentive not to share.  

  1. Cooked bones 

Once you’ve finished your dinner, don’t be tempted to throw your pet the leftover bones. Cooked bones can be prone to fragmenting into sharp splinters, which can potentially get lodged in your pet’s throat or stomach. Cooked chicken bones are particularly best avoided.  

  1. Grapes and Raisins 

It’s uncertain exactly why, but grapes and raisins can cause an extremely negative reaction in your animals. It’s not just the plain fruit – be cautious of raisins in baked goods and other products, and be sure to keep them well away from your pet.  

  1. Salty foods 

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, there are still foods you’ll need to keep well out of reach of your pet. Too much sodium can quickly become a problem for your pet – from increased thirst and a risk of dehydration, to severe symptoms that can even be fatal. Salty, fatty foods like bacon, chips and pretzels can be particularly unsafe.  

Safe Treats 

Treats should only make up a small part of your pet’s diet, but they’re our favourite foods to give. That’s why it’s a great idea to make sure they’re as healthy as possible, while still feeling like your pets are getting something special.  

You could cook up your own – small amounts of cooked liver, meat, tuna, or eggs are health-conscious and budget-friendly. Or ask your vet to recommend a high-quality commercial option.  

Feeling the love 

We love treats, and our pets do too – but it’s our responsibility to make sure what they eat helps them stay happy and healthy. Show how much you care, and make sure your people food is stashed far out of reach of your furry friends.  

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