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Does your dog need a coat? Here are some reasons to get your pet that cute coat, and what to look out for when making your purchase.
Does your Dog Need a Coat
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Does your Dog Need a Coat?

Does my dog need a coat?

Does your Dog Need a Coat?

There’s nothing cuter than a pet with a great sense of style – but does your dog need a coat? Dog clothes are easily available and come in many different kinds, but should you invest? Here are some reasons you might want to get your pet that cute coat, and what to look out for when making your purchase.

Does my dog need clothes?

Some dogs will never need any additional layers – they’re well equipped for anything the cold weather might throw at them. If your dog is mostly inside during the colder months and mostly goes out for exercise, you probably don’t need to invest in that extra padding. Bear in mind that the Queensland weather rarely gets cold enough for your pet to be in any real danger, provided they have a safe, warm, and dry spot to curl up in when things get chilly.

If your dog is particularly thin, old, or has a short coat/no hair at all, they are likely to be more comfortable with a few extra layers. Small breeds are also more likely to be sensitive to the cold. If you are layered up, or you notice your pet is uncomfortable, then it might be time to help them warm up with some specially designed clothing.

What to Buy

The most important factor is how comfortable your dog will be. That means choosing the right fit and style. There are plenty of options on the market, such as vests, throws, parkas, and knitted jumpers, made of all sorts of materials.

Ideally, the coat should provide protection from moisture. A wet coat can cool them down too fast, so keeping the rain off is vital for keeping them warm and dry. The coat should cover enough of their body to keep them warm, without restricting movement. Remember their bellies are closer to the ground than ours, so definitely worth covering.

Buying from a pet store or a specialty pet clothing store is a safe bet for getting quality clothes that are specially designed for your pet. Keeping your pet warm, dry, and comfortable is an investment, so you want to find articles of clothing that will do the job and be safe for your pooch.

Protect your Pup

Novelty clothes might look cute, but they can also present potential hazards to your animal. With loose, chewable parts or additional decorations, if you do choose to dress your pet in a costume item make sure you don’t leave them unattended.

Dogs can’t regulate their body temperature in the same way that humans do, so overheating can be an issue. If your dog is panting excessively, sweating from their feet, or looks uncomfortable, it might be time to remove that jumper. Synthetic fibres are more likely to keep the heat in without being breathable, so pay extra attention to your pet’s well-being.

Dressing your Pet

Just as you might throw on an extra layer to keep yourself toasty warm, your pet might appreciate a bit of help keeping the heat in as the colder months roll around. Queensland doesn’t tend to experience extreme cold, but it’s still important to ensure that your pet is comfortable – especially if they are older, or a breed that might need some extra layers to stay warm.

During the winter, the best place for your pet is in a warm, dry spot that is comfortable and insulated. But for those outdoor adventures, buying a cute little coat will go a long way to helping them stay snug and dry as you enjoy the colder months. At Castelan, we always ensure your pet is comfortable, no matter the weather. Contact us today to find out about boarding at our high quality facilities.

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