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Desexing Your Cats

Desexing your Cat

Desexing Your Cats

Kittens are cute, but unwanted kittens can be a bit of a problem. Not only that, but cats that have been desexed are more likely to avoid some common health and behavioural issues. De-sexing your cat is a relatively simple procedure that can help keep your cat safe and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

What is de-sexing?

De-sexing refers to a surgical procedure on the reproductive organs of your cat or kitten. For males the procedure is usually referred to as neutering, and involves the removal of the testicles. In females it is commonly called spaying, and during the procedure the ovaries and uterus are removed. De-sexing is most often done after 8 weeks but before puberty, to provide the most benefit to you and your cat.

Should I de-sex my animal?

Stray and unwanted kittens are a real problem in Australia, and can cause a difficult situation for owners and the environment. That’s why many states have made de-sexing mandatory by a certain age. Even if not mandatory, there are still many benefits to having your cat de-sexed.  

Female cats on heat attract male cats, which can lead to lots of fights and disturbed nights for owners. They also have a greater risk of uterine infections and mammary tumours if not spayed before puberty.

De-sexing male cats helps prevent behavioural problems, such as spraying, fighting other cats, and roaming the neighbourhood. The procedure can also help reduce future prostate and testicular issues later in life.

The Procedure

Cats are given a general anaesthetic while the operation is performed. The procedure is quick and painless for the animal, and a routine surgery that is performed often. Your vet will give you a run-down on how to care for your animal beforehand, and about specific aftercare once they are back home.

Costs will vary depending on the gender of your cat and where you get the procedure done. At certain times of year, there are significant discounts on offer to help with the cost. Ask your vet about what to expect when you take your cat.

De-sexing your cat

Having your cat de-sexed helps you, helps the environment, and helps your cat. Depending on your state, it might even be legally required. Chat to your vet if you have any concerns, and look into the best time and place to have your cat de-sexed.

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