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Castelan’s top tips on how to keep your dog cool on a hot Queensland day

Castelan’s top tips on how to keep your dog cool on a hot Queensland day

As lifelong animal carers and owner-operators of one of the longest running pet boarding facilities in Brisbane, Helen and Lance have been through plenty of Queensland Summers with pets.

For new and experienced pet owners alike, Summer can bring on a surge of anxiety. The warmer weather doesn’t only make it more challenging for your furry friends to keep cool, it also brings out the creepy crawlies that have made Australia infamous.  

But there’s no need to fear the inevitable. By taking the appropriate precautions and being alert to the risks, you can make the summertime as enjoyable for your pets as it is for you.

We’ve compiled a quick list of things to keep in mind as the temperatures start to rise:

Consider all the factors before you jump into clipping your dog’s fur

While to us, the thought of walking through Summer wrapped in a thick fur coat sounds like a recipe for discomfort, it isn’t the same for dogs. Oppositely, for many pooches, their coats are natural insulation and protection them from the elements.

For some dogs, having their undercoat shaved off can increase their body temperature and put them at risk of sun damage.

Before you go clipper-happy, consult with a vet or a professional dog groomer about whether a haircut is the right move for your pooch.

Ensure your furry friend has access to a healthy amount of water and shade

Ensure that your dog has access to a cool shaded area. Short-nosed dogs are especially susceptible to heatstroke. Australian Summers can be harsh, reduce the risk of heatstroke by always having easily accessible fresh water and providing a shaded area.

Keep your pet up-to-date with parasite prevention and watch for predators

Bush ticks, fleas, snakes and paralysis ticks love to come out when the weather warms up. To reduce the risk of parasites, keep your dog up-to-date with tick and flea preventative. If you live in a rural area, keep your pet safe inside at night to minimise the risk of a snake attack. The RSPCA has posted some handy information here about what to do if you think your pet has been bitten by a snake.

Reduce the risk of your dog overheating by keeping your dog’s weight under control

On particularly hot days, overweight dogs will often suffer the most. While you may think you are doing something nice by sharing your French fries with your furry friend, you may actually be putting their health at risk. Check out these warning signs from Dogster that may suggest your dog is obese.   

Freeze some icy treats to keep your pet cool on especially hot days

Dogs have fewer sweat glands than humans. This means that when it’s hot, they can’t cool themselves off through sweating like we do. Give your dog a better chance of keeping their cool by adding some ice cubes to their water bowl or whipping up some frozen treats for them to enjoy. We love this easy recipe by Cooking With Janica (and so do our furry friends).

And of course, never ever leave your poochy friend in a hot car, even for a short time

Dogs can die in a hot car in just 6 minutes. Even when you have left the windows down and parked in the shade, dogs are still at risk of overheating. They’d never leave you in a hot car, so don’t do it to them.

When you take the proper precautions to care for your dog during Summer, the warmer months can be an enjoyable time for both you and your pooch.

For more pet care tips, check out the rest of the blog from Brisbane’s best pet boarding facility. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge to help you and your dog the best out of life together.

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