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Castelan Brisbane Pet Boarding’s tips on working from home when you have a playful pooch.

Castelan Brisbane Pet Boarding’s tips on working from home when you have a playful pooch.

As more of us turn to remote working solutions due to the COVID-19 crisis, the battle to adapt to the new normal is only just beginning. 

For so many of us, working remotely means an upheaval of our finely tuned routine and the brand new challenge of staying productive when working from home. Add in a cheeky pup demanding your attention and the challenge to stay on task instantly becomes greater. 

To increase your productivity at home, and keep your pooch happy, our Brisbane pet boarding facility has compiled a list of tips to keep Fido happy and your workflow smooth. 

Top ways to keep your dog happy while you work from home:

#1 Walk your pet often

To stop your pet from demanding your attention while you’re trying to get work done, take them out for a big run/walk in the morning before you start your work day. This will tire them out and have them wanting to relax for the morning.

#2 Take regular brain breaks to play

To boost productivity while you work remotely, consider giving the Pomodoro Technique a try. This productivity hack has you break up your tasks into 25-minute blocks. Once you complete 4, you can take a 20/30 minute break. Use your break to jump into some tug-of-war, ball games or frisbee with Fido. A brain break for you and fun for your furry friend!

#3 Invest in treat puzzles or brain training games

Treat puzzles and brain training games are the antidote to boredom in clever dogs. Set your dog up with a Kong filled with treats, or simply grab a muffin tin, a tennis ball and handful of dry food and watch your pet snuffle for tasty treasure.

#4 Freeze food for long-lasting enjoyment

If your dog is more like a walking garbage disposal, consider freezing some of their treats into pupsicles. This will help them to eat slower, hydrate better and to keep them busy for far longer than a standard dog biscuit. Check out these 5 recipes for pooch-approved pupsicles from Delish Ice and get inspired to whizz up an icy wonder for your furry friend.

#5 Don’t let yourself feel guilty for not playing 24/7

While we’d all love to spend every moment with our furry friends, someone has to put food in Fido’s bowl! While your pet might give you puppy eyes when you say “no” to tug-of-war in the middle of your work day, it’s important to remember that the longer you work from home, the more likely your pet is to adapt to the new normal. So stick at it.

We hope these tips have inspired you to make the best out of your work from home conditions and have offered some ideas for how to keep poochy peaceful. 

For more tips and tricks from our Brisbane pet boarding facility, jump over to the Castelan Blog. 

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