Cattery and Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Southside - Castelan | 4 easy grooming tips from our East Brisbane pet boarding facility to keep your dog healthy and happy.
Check out our top 4 simple pet care tips to keep your pet looking and feeling fresh. Our East Brisbane pet boarding facility has garnered a wealth of knowledge from our decades in the industry.
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4 easy grooming tips from our East Brisbane pet boarding facility to keep your dog healthy and happy.

4 easy grooming tips from our East Brisbane pet boarding facility to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Your dog’s health is deeply intertwined with its happiness.

A happy dog is one that gets enough exercise, eats a balanced diet, has somewhere secure to sleep at night and is taken care of.

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy is to ensure they are groomed properly. Simply, when your pooch is clean and comfortable, they are more relaxed and better behaved.

Our East Brisbane pet boarding facility is well versed in dog grooming. With decades of experience in pet care, Castelan has all the insider information on how to keep Fido feeling fantastic.

Follow our 4 super-simple grooming tips to keep your pooch pristine

#1 Clip your dog’s nails

Many pet owners feel anxious about trimming their pet’s nails themselves. However, if you exercise caution and keep your pet calm, there’s nothing to worry about. We recommend trimming only a tiny bit off the top at a time. Next time you’re visiting the vet, ask them to show you the proper way to trim your poochy friend’s nails. The RSPCA has listed some steps to help you trim your dog’s nails. Check it out over here.

#2 Brush their coat

According to the RSPCA, the frequency you should brush your dog varies based on the individual dog. For example, a short-coated dog can be brushed every few weeks whereas a double-coated dog can be brushed on a weekly basis to remove tangles and prevent matting. A good way to tell whether your dog requires brushing is to look for tangles and dullness of the coat.

#3 Bathe your dog

It’s important to only bathe your dog when necessary. Signs that may indicate it’s time for a wash are a smelly or muddy/dirty coat. If your furry friend is bathed too often, their skin may dry out and they may suffer skin and coat problems as a result. Use a gentle soap and make sure you keep water away from your friend’s head and face. Vet Street have posted some helpful tips to help you make bath time more enjoyable for you and your pet.

#4 Keep their teeth in check

Oral hygiene is important for both humans and dogs. While you aren’t required to brush your dog’s teeth every day (unless under advice from a vet), you can keep their pearly whites clean by giving them suitable chew toys, dental chews and raw bones. For more information on how to care for your dog’s gnashers, check out the dental care tips from the RSPCA.

Our East Brisbane pet boarding facility is committed to using our wealth of experience in pet care to help our customers look after their pets better.

For more handy pet tips, check out the posts over on our blog.

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