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When you’re going away, you want to make sure you have everything you need – and the same goes for your pet! But not everyone knows what to pack for pet boarding in Brisbane.
Pet Boarding in Brisbane
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What to Pack for Pet Boarding in Brisbane

Pet Boarding in Brisbane

What to Pack for Pet Boarding in Brisbane

When you’re going away, you want to make sure you have everything you need – and the same goes for your pet! But not everyone knows what to pack for pet boarding in Brisbane.

Packing a bag for their time away is a great way to ensure that everything they might require goes on holiday with them.  Castelan has everything your pet needs to keep them safe and well. But whether they’re new to boarding or old hands by now, having the right items from home on hand will make their stay more comfortable and help their carers to look after them. 

Here are 7 items you should consider packing for your furry friend’s stay.  


Castelan Boarding Kennels offer a customised meal and care plan to ensure your pet is just as comfortable as they would be at home. However, if your pet is fussy or you’d like the extra reassurance, tuck some of their usual food in the bag to help ease the transition. You might also like to include some of their favourite treats and chews to keep them busy.  


If your dog is on any meds or supplements, your boarding kennel will need to have them along with instructions on the correct dosage. Include some written instructions, including dosage amount and the schedule. Castelan has 24-hour access to veterinary care if it ever becomes necessary, so you can be assured your pet will be safe and well for the duration of their stay.  


Your pet will be provided with plenty of opportunities to play, but if they have a favourite toy that will help them feel comfortable – make sure you include it in their bag. The mental stimulation plus a reminder of home is a great way to settle them in to their new environment and keep them busy.  

Comfort Items 

Smell is really important to your pet. It may feel strange tucking some dirty laundry in their bag, but something with your scent can have a calming effect and makes their stay even more comfortable. You might want to include a t-shirt, a blanket, or something similar that smells of you.  


Castelan will carefully go through your requirements, but it doesn’t hurt to have them written down and easily to hand. Emergency contact information and medical requirements are great to have detailed in a document, and you might like to include extra information about your pet’s temperament and any tips or tricks to help keep them comfortable.  


Your pet should be microchipped, and now is a great reminder to update your details on the database. However, having a collar with some ID is a great day-to-day option for helping those who care for your pet to identify them. You might also like to include a leash that your pet is familiar with as well. Don’t forget to clearly label your items to make it easier to collect them when it’s time to head home.  

Blankets and bedding 

We work hard to ensure your pet will be extremely comfortable during their stay at Castelan, but a familiar blanket or bed can go that extra mile towards getting them settled in. Tuck a special blanket or bring their comfy bed to add to the facilities here, and they’ll be snuggling up in no time.  

Pet Boarding in Brisbane

No matter what, we’ll make sure your pet is as safe, comfortable, and well cared for as possible. But as you travel, having those extra items makes sure your pet has a piece of home that can help put them at ease.  

We look forward to hosting your pet for their next vacation, and working with you to create a home away from home to help them enjoy their stay.  

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