Cattery and Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Southside - Castelan | Tips on leaving your pet at Castelan Boarding Kennels and Cattery
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Tips on leaving your pet at Castelan Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Tips on leaving your pet at Castelan Boarding Kennels and Cattery

We understand that leaving your dog or cat at a pet resort can be stressful. They’re members of the family, so it only makes sense that you might feel nervous about having time away from them. To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled some tips to help you feel confident when it’s time to hand over the lead to one of our friendly team members.


Before the day


1. If you’re feeling unsure, visit the kennel beforehand

If you haven’t had your pet stay at a boarding kennel/cattery before, it’s understandable that you might feel a little apprehensive about having your furry friend take a vacation with us.

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand that you want to be absolutely sure that your loved one is in safe hands.

We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our Brisbane boarding kennel and cattery. Our friendly team are happy to show you our facilities, talk you through the day’s processes and answer any of your questions.

2. Communicate your pet’s individual information and requirements to the kennel staff

Our Southside Brisbane boarding kennel and cattery understands that every pet is unique. To give them the best possible care, we ask that all pet parents communicate any important information to us. This could include details regarding medication, allergies, exercise, diet and any behaviours of note, such as whether your dog plays well with others, or if they’re prone to anxiety.

3. Have your pet spend a night or two at Castelan while you’re still at home

For pet owners that have never had their furry friend stay in pet accommodation before, sometimes they choose to book their pet in for a trial run.

Booking your pet in for a night or two while you’re at home can be an indication of how your pet copes with the change of routine.

While this certainly isn’t necessary, we do encourage it if you are feeling particularly unsure about how your loved one will fare in the new environment.

4. Ensure that your pet’s vaccines and preventative treatments are up-to-date

Our Southside Brisbane boarding kennel and cattery is proud to be a safe and hygienic oasis for your pet. We request that all animals coming to stay with us have vet verified documents stating that they are up-to-date with all appropriate vaccines and have received tick & flea preventative and de-worming treatments.

5. On the drop-off day, bring along one of your pet’s favourite items

While it’s certainly not mandatory, we find that sometimes having a favourite toy or familiar bedding can assist with making your pet more comfortable throughout their stay.


At the drop-off


1. When it’s time to leave, keep your goodbyes short and sweet

We know how hard it can be to resist making a big fuss over leaving your pet at our Brisbane boarding kennel. However, we urge you to keep as calm as possible and leave without spectacle. Being upset or making a big deal of leaving your four-legged friend will only upset you both.

2. Save our number & leave a number to contact you in in case of emergency

We ask that all pet guardians who are leaving their loved one in our care remember to save our number in case they need to contact us. We will have your phone number on-hand as well as request an emergency contact number if we need to reach you urgently.


A final word

It’s important to remember that your pet will receive the finest care at our boarding kennel and cattery. Our Southside Brisbane pet resort is staffed by a hand-picked team of passionate animal lovers. We treat every Castelan guest just like we would our own furry friends.
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