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Quality Pet Care Services West End

Quality Pet Care Services West End

Are you looking for a dog boarding kennel or cattery to leave your pets these holidays? Castelan is one of the longest running quality pet care services near West End! Leaving your pets is always difficult when going away. Luckily, Helen and Lance Young are the best in providing care and compassion for your beloved animals. Our staff take the time to get to know your pets and tailor your pet’s care to suit their requirements. Make sure you inform us of your pet’s medical requirements, their personality or any fears they may have so we know how to make your pets’ stay the most enjoyable experience.

Castelan is the destination for providing quality pet care services for West End residents. Why not stop by Castelan to inspect our cattery and dog boarding kennels before you go away? We welcome anyone to drop by between 3-5 pm Monday to Saturday, except for school and public holidays. You’re guaranteed to be impressed by the quality of our accommodation and the care we provide for each and every pet. Our kennels and cattery boast large sleeping spaces as well as inside and outside play areas for your pets. 

Our friendly staff at Castelan provide quality pet care services near West End, and ensure you pet is well looked after. Contact Castelan today to book your pet in to a kennel or cattery on (07) 3390 1132 or inquire now at [email protected].

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