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Pet Boarding Brisbane
Pet Boarding Brisbane
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Pet sitting vs Boarding – Why You Should Choose the Professionals

Cat and Dog boarding Brisbane

Pet sitting vs Boarding – Why You Should Choose the Professionals

When you’re going away and have to leave your furry friends at home, you want to make sure they’re getting the best possible care. Your two basic options are pet sitting and pet boarding.

Pet sitting means having someone come to your house to care for your pets, either coming in during the day or staying at your house full time. Pet boarding is a professional facility where your pets can come to be cared for in safe surrounds by trained staff.

You’ll need to decide based on your pet and your personal circumstances, but there are so many reasons why pet boarding is a great choice for keeping your pet safe and happy while you travel.

Here’s why you should consider a boarding facility like Castelan to care for your pets.


A truly personalised pet sitting service will cost you significantly more than it will cost you to board your pets. If the pet sitting service is cheap, it’s very unlikely to offer your pets the level of experience and attention that they can expect from a professional facility.


There are many great pet sitters around, but when it comes down to it – you’re either relying on someone you know who is likely not experienced around pets, or you’re trusting a stranger to come and go with keys to your house.

Professional Service

Our staff have been personally chosen as not only experts at pet care, but pet owners and animal lovers. Pet boarding gives you the confidence that all bases are being covered, and your pets are receiving only the highest quality care and the safest, most comfortable facilities.


With over 30 years of experience as owner-operators of the business and pet owners ourselves, our pet boarding service has been carefully designed to care for pets of all different breeds, sizes, and needs. We’ve seen it all – and we have the strategies and experience to deal with situations if they arise.


Pet boarding can help your pets to have a good time while you’re away. We’re extremely careful to match size and temperaments carefully, and only have a very limited number of supervised interactions. The pets that enjoy participating are encouraged to interact, which means your social pet will be having the time of their lives. All pets get plenty of pats, cuddles and attention from their human friends here as well.

24/7 supervision

You’re unlikely to have a pet sitter who is there all the time – but we are. Pet boarding offers round-the-clock care, with trained staff on hand to help at all times. That helps you relax, knowing we will keep an eye on your pet and can quickly act if something goes wrong.

Secure facilities

Leaving your pet at home places a lot of trust that they’re going to behave well while you’re gone. Even well-behaved pets have been known to act out – destroying things in the home, not sticking to their regular routines, or even escaping. A good pet boarding facility is comfortable and well-designed but most of all, safe. Our cattery and dog boarding kennel have never had an escapee, so you’ll know your house and your pet are take care of while you’re away.

The Professional Touch

When you’re going away, you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. Boarding your pets ensures they’ll receive around-the-clock, professional care in a safe and secure facility that’s designed to meet their needs. Castelan offers the highest quality pet boarding that has our customers coming back time and again.

Give your pets the same special holiday treatment while you’re away, by boarding them in their new home away from home at Castelan.

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