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It can be hard for owners to see their pets in distress, but thankfully, there are things you can do to help keep your pet calm during a storm.
Pet Calm During a Storm
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Keeping Your Pet Calm During a Storm

Keeping Your Pet Calm During a Storm

Keeping Your Pet Calm During a Storm

There’s lots of booming and flashing, and the air feels strange – it’s no wonder that many pets find storms scary. Their sensitive senses can pick up atmospheric changes we can’t detect, which makes them even more confronting for your animal. It can be hard for owners to see their pets in distress, but thankfully, there are things you can do to help keep your pet calm during a storm. Here are our top tips for helping your pet during storm season.

Keep things quiet.

Pets are responding to stimuli, mainly the noise of thunder and the flashes of lightning. You can help your pet feel calm by creating a quiet, dark space where they can hide and escape from those overwhelming stimuli. You could choose a dark room in the house, or a crate or box. Try to keep it dark and snuggly – using blankets is a great way to make a safe, calm space.

Keep things normal.

Repetitive patting and shushing can have the opposite to the intended effect, potentially stressing your pet even more. It’s much better to distract them with a favourite toy, a treat, or a game. If they’re still not responding, it might be better to try to create a safe space they can retreat to.

Keep them covered.

Wrapping your pet can help them feel secure, and reduce the static on their fur that can cause them to feel uncomfortable. There are some commercially produced chest wraps that have been proven to help some pets to stay calm during a storm. For a DIY option, wrap your pet with a stretchy bandage or t-shirt around their chest, tightly enough that it will stay snug but not so tightly it restricts their movement.

Keep them safe

Pounds report an increase in the number of stray animals after a storm, as animals can run to try to get away. However, if you tether your pet during a storm, there’s a chance that they could try to break free. That can lead to them injuring themselves, and they could be more likely to run away if they’re successful at getting off that leash. Either keeping them inside or in a safe, dark space is a much better idea for keeping them calm and quiet. Make sure they are microchipped and their identification is up to date in case they do get away.

Keep thinking practically

Even if your pet is not particularly bothered by storms, there are a few considerations during storm season that can help keep them safe. Make sure their food and water bowls are properly secured, so that they will still have fresh food and water if a storm does hit. Your yard will need to be safe if they’re outside – keeping things from flying around is a good idea in any case, but it becomes much more important when there’s a pet to protect.

Keeping your pet calm during a storm

A storm can be scary for your pet, but a few simple considerations can help them to feel secure. Try to keep things as normal as possible, reassuring them that everything is ok. Create a safe space for them, keeping it dark, warm, and as free from stimuli as possible. And make sure that during your regular safe storm practices, you consider your pets safety if things start flying around. No matter what the weather, you can help your pet stay safe and calm.

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