Cattery and Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Southside - Castelan | Going on holiday and can’t take Fido with you? Here’s what to look for in a Boarding Kennel in Brisbane
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Going on holiday and can’t take Fido with you? Here’s what to look for in a Boarding Kennel in Brisbane

Going on holiday and can’t take Fido with you? Here’s what to look for in a Boarding Kennel in Brisbane

Preparing for a holiday is an exciting time. Whether you’ve been dreaming of feeling warm sand beneath your feet as a Tahitian sunset unfolds in front of you, or carving powder down a Sapporo slope, it feels fantastic to have an adventure on the horizon.

However, as anyone who has a fur-child can tell you, the sparkle of taking a holiday can be dulled when you consider leaving your beloved poochy pal behind.

While we may want to take our furry family members with us everywhere, often, it just isn’t practical. Even if your accommodation, activities and transport are dog-friendly, it’s likely that your dog likes a semblance of routine. According to the RSPCA, routine and familiar patterns have a direct impact on your dog’s happiness. Realistically, it’s far more likely your dog will be comfortable in a safe, cosy boarding kennel than getting shuttled about.

So, you’re looking for a boarding kennel in Brisbane that will take care of Fido like he’s their own. Here’s a few quick tips to help you differentiate the puppy palaces from the disaster digs.

  1. Ask about the premise’s security levels

The last thing you want to hear in the middle of your holiday is that your cheeky Kelpie has managed to wiggle underneath a fence and make a break for it. Ask your prospective Brisbane boarding kennels about their history of security and opt for one that has a zero-escapee track record, like Castelan, who hasn’t had a doggy-breakout in all 30+ years of operation.

  1. Choose a boarding kennel in Brisbane that is located near a 24/7 vet

While the mere thought of Fido having health or medical issues during your absence is enough to make your stomach somersault, it’s important that the necessary facilities are close by, on the off chance that something unexpected does happen. Brisbane boarding kennel specialist, Castelan, is located in very close proximity to a reputable 24-hour vet. While it’s incredibly unlikely your dog should require these services, it’s reassuring to know that in the instance that vet services are required, there’s a qualified animal specialist nearby. 

  1. Ensure that the boarding kennel and the cattery are kept separate

The phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” wasn’t born out of thin air. For many dogs that aren’t socialised with cats (and even some that are), just seeing a cat can sometimes cause anxiety, fear and discomfort. At Castelan, the cattery and the dog boarding kennel are kept entirely separate so you don’t need to worry about your fur-baby feeling freaked out by a fluffy feline.

  1. You want a Brisbane boarding kennel that goes beyond the bare essentials

Fido’s adoration of a comfortable place to lay his head down isn’t going to dissipate just because he’s in a new environment. When picking which pet resort is right for you and your loved one, pay attention to the level of consideration the boarding kennel has put into keeping things comfortable. Castelan is proud to be the Brisbane dog boarding kennel that recognises the importance of a comfortable night sleep for your dog. With fully insulated indoor sleeping areas, complete with piped music, raised beds and mechanical fan ventilation – your dog will be sleeping safely and soundly in a Castelan kennel.

While there’s a wide array of things to keep an eye out for when Brisbane pet accommodation for your dog – the underlying theme for each of these points is finding a location that will truly go the extra mile for your furriest family member.

One of the best parts about finding a dog boarding kennel that you love, is that the more Fido visits, the more comfortable he’ll become and the easier it is for you to say, “see you soon”.

Developing a long-standing relationship with a trustworthy Brisbane boarding kennel is one of the best things you can do to alleviate the stress associated with holidaying without your poochy pal.

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