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Four Benefits of Pet Boarding

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Four Benefits of Pet Boarding

When it’s time to head off, a big question arises – what should you do with your pets while you’re away? Pet boarding is a fantastic option that offers you peace of mind that you don’t have to leave your home open to other people, and that your animal will receive the highest grade of care for the time you are away. 

Here are four great reasons to choose pet boarding for your animal.  


One of the biggest drawbacks to leaving an animal at home is the lack of company they will experience while you’re away. This can lead to disruptive or destructive behaviours, as they become bored and lonely.  

At a pet boarding facility like Castelan, your animals will have plenty of safe, supervised interaction with other carefully selected animals and the professionals we’ve chosen to care for them. There will be plenty of attention and fun, with a secure and comfortable space for them to retreat to when they’re done.  

Exercise and nutrition 

While you’re away, you want to make sure that your pet has the right nutrition and plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and well. Bored, hungry, and under-active pets can cause trouble, or be more likely to attempt to run away.  

Make sure they are getting the right food at the right time by choosing a pet boarding facility like Castelan. We take the time to get to know your animal, and ensure they are well fed and cared for during their stay. We also understand how important exercise is for your pet. They will have plenty of time and space to move and stretch during their time with us.  


Keeping your pets safe and happy is always a priority. When you aren’t with them, it’s important for your peace of mind that you know they are well cared for. From making sure that they are getting enough water and food, to ensuring they are safely secured and unable to damage property or run away, you need someone on hand to keep an eye on things and let you know how they are doing.  

The expert carers and secure facilities at Castelan can help you rest assured that your pets are safe and getting what they need during your time away. We also have a vet clinic within striking distance of our property, for any unexpected issues. You know that they’re getting the best care, which will help you relax as you spend time apart from them. 


Some people choose to get someone to look after their pet as they travel. That does allow your pet to stay in their own home. However, unless they are staying in your home full time, it can be hard to provide that same level of attention and care. Opening your home can be a security risk, and you’ll need to know they are looking after your furry friend with the same love you give them when you’re at home.  

Choosing professional care means round-the-clock attention, with routines for food, water, play time, medications, and all the things that keep your pet safe and happy. The facilities are extremely secure, so you won’t come home to any damage to your house and your pets happily waiting for you.  

Choosing Pet Boarding 

Keeping your animals safe and happy while you’re gone needs to be a top priority, both for their welfare and your peace of mind. It’s always hard to leave your pets, but when they’re with Castelan you can rest assured your pets are being offered the best care at the highest professional standard.  

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