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7 Cleaning Hacks for Reducing Pet Hair in the Home

Pet Hair in the Home

7 Cleaning Hacks for Reducing Pet Hair in the Home

Pet hair is a normal part of living with your furry friend – with so many positives, it’s just one of those things to manage as best you can. However, with the right hacks, you can make keeping a clean home easier on yourself.  

 Here are seven simple hacks you can try to maximise the cuddles, and minimise the fur transfer.  

  1. Textured rubber gloves 

A simple pair of textured rubber gloves can be a major ally in the war against fur. The fur and dander stick to the gloves, which can then be easily washed. For best results, lightly dampen the gloves and then wipe them across the surface. The hair balls up and is easily thrown in the bin.  

  1. Squeegee brush  

In the same way, the rubber of a squeegee brush can gather up fur, even when it’s become entwined in the fibres of carpet and other fabric and the vacuum cleaner just can’t cut it. It’s a great solution for hard-to-reach areas, like stairs and car upholstery. Lightly spritz the area with water, and then scrape with the squeegee.  

  1. Using your dryer 

When it comes to your clothes, the dryer is your friend. Try putting fur-covered clothes in the dryer for around 10 minutes – bonus points if you use a dryer sheet. You can then put them in the wash. Adding half a cup of white vinegar or fabric softener to your wash will also help loosen the hair. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to cleaning out your lint filters.  

  1. Sticky cleaners 

A lint roller is a great tool to have on hand to get the hair off your clothes right before you walk out the door, or a quick wipe down of surfaces before guests come over. If you don’t have a lint roller (they run out fast!) you can easily use packing tape for a similar result.  

  1. Cover surfaces 

If your pet has certain areas they like to hang out, it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the fur build up by investing in an attractive throw. Cotton and tightly woven natural fibres are going to be the easiest to clean, so they’re a great choice for a cover.  

  1. Vacuum cleaner 

If pet hair is a problem, your regular vacuum just might not cut it. If you find that your vacuum cleaning is leaving hair behind, it might be time for an upgrade. To help your current vacuum cleaner out, make sure you’re vacuuming a few times in alternating directions to loosen hair and make sure you get as much as possible. Make sure you pay extra attention to emptying your vacuum cleaner and cleaning the filters to help it run at maximum efficiency. You might want to consider a robot vacuum cleaner to keep the cleaning going while you’re out.  

  1.  Anti-static spray 

Stop fur from sticking in the first place by spritzing your soft furnishings with an anti-static spray. A mixture of water and fabric softener can also do the same job. With less static, the hair isn’t as likely to be drawn to the fabric, and it makes removal even easier. Don’t forget to patch test before you spray the whole area.  

Prevention is better than a cure 

Most healthy animals are going to shed some fur, but if you can minimise the amount it will help reduce your cleaning load. Regular baths help to loosen and get rid of some excess fur, while a daily brushing will help ensure it stays on the brush and not on your floor. Regular grooming is also important for the health of your dogs’ skin and fur, and can minimise how much they lose.  

Keeping things clean 

Messy as they are, we wouldn’t have them any other way. Some pet hair is inevitable, but by utilising a few simple hacks and staying on top of the cleaning, you can ensure it ends up in the bin and not on your clothes.  

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