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Pet Boarding Kennels Wakerley

Are you looking for a trusted, safe and caring accommodation for your beloved pet so you can enjoy your holiday away? Look no further than Castelan’s pet boarding kennels in Wakerley. An experienced, family owned business – we take care of your pets every need to ensure they have an enjoyable stay just like they would get at home. Castelan’s has high standards of accommodation for your beloved pet so you can rest assured they are safe, clean and cared for.

Our pet boarding kennels in Wakerley are designed for safety and cleanliness. That’s why we have different facilities to separate cats and dogs to guarantee the safety of your pet. In addition in our dog kennels we have separate boarding locations to keep large dogs and small dogs separate to ensure the best safety for your pet. Each pet is different and we understand that they have different needs – for this reason we get to know your pet before their stay so we can tailor their stay. This ensures, no matter what diet, temperament or medications they need, they will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

With no extra cost, our pet boarding kennels in Wakerley are an affordable alternative to take your pet while you are traveling. We promote a healthy lifestyle during your pet’s stay at Castelan with premium food and fresh produce prepared in a separate kitchen to ensure optimal health for your pet. With plenty of space and freedom to roam, your beloved pet will enjoy its stay are our pet boarding kennels in Wakerley.

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