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FAQ | Pet Boarding Questions

The basics

Q. Where are you?

A. 85 Warriewood Street

Chandler 4155

Q. Do you accept pets from all over Brisbane?

A. Yes, while most of our clients live on the Southside, we have many clients who travel from further afield to board their pets with us.

Opening hours

Q. When are your opening hours?

We are open from Monday to Saturday. We are closed Sunday.

On all other days we are open for arrivals & departures from 7am – 10 am and 3pm -5pm.

Q. Are you open during the School Holidays and Public Holidays?

Yes, but we close for the Easter long week-end (Good Friday to Easter Monday am – we are then open from 3.00 to 5.00pm on that day.); Christmas and New Years Day.

Q. What are your peak periods?

A. Easter               Friday 01/04/2021 – Wednesday 21/04/2021

June/July             Friday 25/06/2021 – Wednesday 14/07/2021

September            Friday  17/09/2021 – Wednesday 06/10/2021

Xmas/New Year  Friday  10/12/2021 – Wednesday 26/01/2022


Q. What are your daily fees?

A. Small to medium Dogs: $36.00

Extra large dogs: $38.00

Cats: $25.00

This fee includes GST and all normal food.

Q. Are there additional fees for public holidays?

A. Yes, there’s a small surcharge of $15.00 inc GST per animal to help us cover additional staff penalty rates.

Q. Do you charge additional fees for school holiday/ peak periods?

A. No, we wouldn’t do that to you! Our standard daily rates apply. However, as these are the busiest periods for us, we ask you to pay a non refundable deposit for School, Easter and Christmas holidays.

All dates booked during these peak periods will be charged the daily rate regardless of late arrivals or early departures.

Q. What if I only want to board my pet for half a day?

A. All full or part days are charged at the one daily rate. Animals leaving before 8am on a certain day will not be charged for that day.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. Payment is required at admission and we accept cash, Eftpos or prior arranged cheque.

Q. Do Helen and Lance have their own pets?

A. Definitely. We have been breeding, showing and obedience trialling since 1970, and will continue to do so. We do not own and manage Castelan Cattery and Dog Boarding kennels for purely commercial reasons. We have always been passionate about animals and we treat your pets the same way we’d treat our own.

Pet Admission requirements

Q. Are there any prerequisites for my pet to board with you?

A. Yes, we request that you bring proof of current vaccination at admission. Vaccination C5 for dogs; F3 for cats. We also require that all dogs and cats have current flea protection at all times and paralysis tick protection as the season demands. These items are available on entry for an additional fee. We are not in a noted tick area but we do require animals arriving from other areas to be fully protected.

We’re arriving by plane

Q. Are you able to collect our pet from the airport?

A. Absolutely! Our fee is $140.000 each way incl GST.

Q. We need pickup and delivery from our Brisbane suburb. Can you arrange this?

A. We have a pickup and delivery service to all suburbs at a variable cost depending on the distance.

We’ll be out of mobile range.

Q. Where we are holidaying is out of mobile range. Is that a problem?

A. No, it isn’t, and lucky you! We ask all our pet owners to leave an emergency number in case we can’t reach them and contact can be made on Facebook.

Emergency care

Q. What happens if something happens to my pet and they need a vet?

A. No problem. We will try to contact your normal Clinic to arrange for treatment by your own Vet.   Alternatively  if your Clinic is not available we are located not far from a Veterinary Hospital, which offers assistance on a 24 hour call basis. You can have complete peace of mind knowing we will look after your pet as if it’s our own.

Q. What if our dogs and cats require medication while in your care?

A. We administer all medications supplied by as directed at no extra charge.

Do the dogs and cats mix?

Q. Our cat is quite timid and is intimidated by large dogs. Is the cattery far enough away from your dog boarding kennels?

A. Yes, it is. Our air conditioned Cattery is located quite a distance from our dog boarding kennels, adjacent to our Office. Interaction between the facilities is impossible. Our Cattery features a secure outside play area which is used by individual cat boarders or families.

Q. My dog is a bit of a socialite. Will there be any opportunity for him to play with other dogs?

A. Absolutely.  However, we tend to err on the side of caution by only having 2 dogs of similar age, size and temperament play together at the one time.

How secure is your facility?

Q. My dog likes to think he’s Houdini and escapes all the time. How secure are your dog boarding kennels?

A. Since 1984 we have never had one escapee! The outdoor kennel areas are all enclosed with wire mesh on both sides and overhead. There are two other high fences that surround these kennel areas. You can have complete confidence at Castelan!


If any of your pet boarding questions haven’t been answered…

No problem! As owner operators since 1984, we live on the grounds and attend personally to all boarders. Whether it’s about cats or dogs, there are very few pet boarding questions we can’t answer! Please don’t hesitate to call us (Lance & Helen Young) on:

P:  (07) 33901132. If we’re not there, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

M:  0403 945 109 (Lance Young – I’m one of the owner operators).

E:  [email protected]

A: 85 Warriewood Street

Chandler 4155

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