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Luxury Dog Boarding Wakerley

Castelan is one of the longest standing pet boarding accommodations in Brisbane area. Established in 1968, Castelan has built a strong reputation amongst pet owners for our quality services. If you are planning to go away on holiday or a business trip and don’t know where to leave your fur baby, make sure to check out our luxury dog boarding near Wakerley.

At Castelan, we strive to give your dog the highest level of comfort and plenty of room to roam. We have two buildings to separate large and small breeds, and have fully insulated sleeping areas to ensure the comfort and safety of all dogs. Besides indoor space, our kennels also feature long individual runs and grassed areas outside that you dog has full access to during the day. At Castelan, we only use premium brand food which is prepared in our separate and hygienic kitchen area, so you can be sure that you dog will receive nothing but quality meals. Our luxury dog boarding near Wakerley also put a strong emphasis on your dog’s health and safety. With 24 hour access to veterinary care, your dog will be taken care of immediately should it fall ill.

If our luxury dog boarding near Wakerley is just what you’re looking for, contact us contact us today on (07) 3390 1132 or at [email protected].

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