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High Season Pet Boarding Brisbane

When looking for high season pet boarding in Brisbane over the school holidays, it can be difficult to find a facility within your price range. The more you look into it, the more apparent it may become that most pet boarding facilities increase their prices during school holidays which typically fall within high season. This can make what would otherwise be a nice family holiday a much more expensive exercise. Unlike other pet boarding facilities, Castelan remains one of the preferred choices for Brisbane families looking for quality care of their cat or dog without compromising on affordability during the busy season. We don’t adjust prices for the high season, which means the prices will remain at the same family-friendly cost year-round (with prices slightly increasing on public holidays, so that workers who spend their public holiday caring for your pet can be paid a little bit more).

Other pet boarding facilities will be hard-pressed to match the level of service provided at our high season pet boarding facility in Brisbane. The entire Castelan team is comprised of pet owners with years of experience when it comes to working with animals. Each and every worker will take the time to get to know your pet, and with this knowledge the workers will tailor your pet’s boarding experience so that your pet is happy and comfortable for the duration of their stay. This premium service is unrivalled in the Brisbane region.

By maintaining consistent prices all year-round, Castelan has become a reputable name for high season pet boarding in Brisbane, giving you more reason to board your pet with Castelan every time you go away on holiday. This consistency for your pet is important as pets are known to experience increased levels of stress when they are in an unfamiliar environment. The more often your pet boards at Castelan, the easier they will adjust to being away from home. We keep our prices low to keep your pet happy when you go on holiday.

Our competitive high season pet boarding rates is just one aspect of the overall Castelan experience. Our dedicated workers are committed to ensuring your pet enjoys itself throughout its stay. When you book our pet boarding services, your pet will enjoy unique advantages, including dedicated exercise areas, opportunity to interact with other pets, and the ability to tailor the pet’s meals to special dietary requirements.

When you’re looking for Christmas accommodation for your beloved pet, look no further than Castelan. We won’t take advantage of the busy Christmas period by asking our customers to pay more for our service, with no added benefits to justify the increased cost. Instead, Castelan will ensure affordable and consistent rates all year round so that you remain a loyal and frequent customer every time you go on holiday. 

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