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Dog Boarding Kennels Wakerley

Castelan has lead the way in dog boarding kennels over its 47 years of operation, making it the ideal dog boarding facility for Wakerley residents. Our team are passionate about animal care and will ensure that your dog is healthy and happy throughout its stay at Castelan.

We have two kennels with plenty of room to ensure that larger and smaller breeds of dogs are kept separate, allowing your dog to interact with others of a similar size. Each dog can enjoy their own room equipped with a bed raised off the ground and insulated walls that keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Your dog will also have access to the outdoor facilities, where they can play with the other dogs during the day before returning to their private room at night.

The team at our dog boarding kennels in Wakerley will ensure the health of your dog by monitoring regular exercise and providing nutritious meals. This includes taking your dog for a daily walk and feeding them premium quality dog food at every meal. For dogs that have special dietary requirements, these can be catered for at no extra cost.

When you’re on a holiday, you don’t want to be worrying about how your dog is coping in a new environment. Come and inspect our facilities before you book your dog in at our dog boarding kennel in Wakerley so that you can rest assured your dog will be in excellent care while you’re away.

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