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Dog Boarding Kennels Manly West

Castelan’s dog boarding kennels are an ideal choice for Manly West residents as it’s a local facility that caters for dogs of all shapes and sizes. With designated facilities, committed workers, and owners who live on site, you can rest assured that by booking your dog in at Castelan they will be well looked after.

With two kennels on the premises, we keep larger and smaller dogs separate during their stay. Each dog will enjoy their own room, with a bed that is slightly raised from the floor, fan ventilation system, and insulated walls. During the day, your dog will also have full access to the play area that is attached to the kennel where they can run around and interact with other dogs.

Our team are committed to ensuring every dog remains healthy when staying at Castelan, which is why we walk dogs on an individual basis as regularly as possible. As well as exercise, we prioritise the health of your dog by serving only premium food so that they receive all of the nutrients they need. Each meal is prepared in a specialised kitchen that allows the workers to cater for any dietary requirements or allergies your dog may have. By taking care of all of your dog’s needs, our dog boarding kennels in Manly West are the best option for pet owners who don’t want to stress while away on holiday.

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