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Dog Boarding Kennels Capalaba

Castelan dog boarding kennels is the perfect solution for dog owners in Capalaba in need of pet minding while away on holiday. We aim to get a thorough understanding of your dog’s needs and interests so that we can create a tailored package and comfortable stay for your dog.

Castelan has two kennels, one for big dogs, and one for smaller breeds. This allows for your dog to interact with dogs similar to its size and habits. At our dog boarding kennels in Capalaba your dog will be staying in a fully insulated room, with a bed raised up from the floor to keep it comfortable no matter what season it is. Each kennel also has an attached outside play area that your dog will have access to throughout the day, and can enjoy a long individual walk to ensure it receives all of the exercise it needs.

With health a priority, we ensure that your dog receives all of the nutrients it requires by being fed premium dog food during their stay. Each meal is prepared in a sterile kitchen that ensures there is no food contamination, particularly when there are dogs with allergies staying with us. For the best possible care for your furry companion while you’re away, book them in at Castelan’s dog boarding kennels in Capalaba.


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