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Dog Boarding Kennels Belmont

Are you looking for a safe and clean place to leave your pooch while you’re away? If so, look no further than Castelan’s dog boarding kennels by Belmont. At Castelan, your dog will be treated with the very best care, with an emphasis on making sure they are eating healthy and are active throughout the day. This includes plenty of time spent outdoors and eating premium quality dog food. All of our dog facilities are separated to ensure that large and small dogs are kept separate. Our dog boarding kennels by Belmont are designed to allow for superior comfort and room to move for your dog, including an elevated bed to keep them off the ground and music to keep them calm.

During the day, each dog will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of exercise, including long walks and the freedom to move from their cage to the play area with other dogs their size. This coupled in with the premium dog food, really cements Castelan’s ideals on making sure that each dog is living a healthy lifestyle during their stay.

Castelan places a great emphasis on getting to know your dog in order to create a tailored experience that will give your dog the same amount of love and care that it receives at home. Our dog boarding kennels by Belmont are an unbeatable option for Belmont residents in need of a care facility for their beloved pet.

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