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Cattery and Cat Boarding Wakerley

Based in Chandler, Castelan is the perfect cattery and cat boarding facility for Wakerley residents. Our services place a large emphasis on catering to each and every cat’s special requirements and needs, and building a care package around that.

Located away from the dog kennels, the cattery is filled with plenty of two metre long runs that have walls stretching from floor to ceiling. Each run has its own elevated bed and window allowing your cat to enjoy some sunshine and scenery. If you have two family cats that you like to keep together, the runs at our cattery and cat boarding in Wakerley have plenty of room to keep them together.

Castelan likes to keep its furry guests healthy by giving them plenty of opportunity to exercise and receive premium quality food. Cats can play outside in an enclosed area to stretch their legs and enjoy the company of fellow furry guests. Every meal is prepared in a specialised kitchen that is cleaned and sterilised daily, and able to accommodate your cat’s special dietary requirements. With 24 hour veterinary care available if required, you can rest assured that your cat will be treated like royalty when they stay at Castelan’s cattery and cat boarding facility in Wakerley.

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