Cattery and Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Southside - Castelan | Cattery and Cat Boarding Capalaba
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Cattery and Cat Boarding Capalaba

The Castelan cattery and cat boarding facilities in Capalaba is one of the most renowned pet minding facilities in Brisbane, making it ideal for local residents in need of cat boarding. The cattery area is 70 meters away from the dog kennels to ensure your fur ball is safe and at ease for the entirety of his or her stay.

Each cat is given a designated two metre long area with floor-to-ceiling walls that allow your cat to enjoy its own space to relax. At our cattery and cat boarding in Capalaba, each run has its own bedding and window for your cat to look out over the property. These areas are large enough for two cats to stay in comfortably if you don’t want to separate your cats when you go away on holiday. There’s plenty of opportunity for your cat to spend some time outside of the cattery in an enclosed area, which will give them time to exercise, play with other cats and enjoy the sun.

During its stay, your cat will be fed premium cat food prepared in a separate kitchen area, which is kept sterile to prevent food contamination. If your cat has dietary requirements, this can be catered for at no extra cost. When looking for a place for your cat to stay, you don’t need to look any further than Castelan cattery and cat boarding facilities in Capalaba.

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