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Cat Boarding & Cattery Brisbane

Are you going away on holiday and require care of your cat? For many pet owners, leaving your beloved cat with someone you don’t know can be a daunting task. At times when it’s a matter of necessity, you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right cattery and cat boarding in Brisbane that will ensure your cat is just as comfortable and happy as they would be at home.

At Castelan, we care for your pets as if they were our own. We pride ourselves on operating one of the best cat boarding facilities in Brisbane by creating a home away from home for your cat, no matter their age, behavioural habits and needs. We make cat boarding easy, so that you can enjoy your holiday with absolute confidence that your cat will be well cared for in your absence. To make the cat boarding process and simple and straightforward as possible, check out our below guide.


Before bringing your cat to Castelan for cat boarding in Brisbane, there are a number of things you can do in advance to help make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. We recommend that our customers visit the cattery and cat boarding facilities beforehand to ensure the facility meets your expectations. Having worked with animals for over 40 years, our owners are highly experienced and available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your cat’s needs during their stay. Planning your cat’s stay well in advance allows you to ask any questions about your cat’s behaviour and appetite and how this may be affected by a stay away from home at a cattery and cat boarding in Brisbane.  

First Class Accommodation

For many pet owners, a pet is just like another member of the family. As such, you want to be sure that your cat can enjoy superior accommodation at a cattery just as you enjoy on your holiday. From sleeping space through to activities, accommodation at a cattery and cat boarding facility in Brisbane should cover all aspects that may be involved in your cat’s daily routine. This will help your cat to adapt to their changed environment more easily and make for minimal disruption to their habits at home. For a cattery and cat boarding in Brisbane, you can’t find more deluxe accommodation for your pet than Castelan. Each cat is provided with a large individual two metre long run, extending from the floor to the ceiling, with its own view to the back of the property. Your cat can enjoy privacy, with no contact between cats in adjoining runs and an elevated sleeping compartment in each space. Our cat boarding facility in Brisbane also provides a separate secure outdoor play area to allow cats additional freedom, either on an individual or amicable family-only basis.

Tailored Care

Don’t let your cat’s needs stop you from enjoying your holiday, or let it cause you to compromise their health and happiness while you’re away. As creatures of habit, it’s important that your cat enjoys the same diet at our cattery and cat boarding facility in Brisbane as it does at home, to minimise the impact being away from the family might have on your pet. At Castelan we offer a highly personalised approach to cat care by catering for the individual diets of all of our special guests. If you advise us of any special dietary requirements of your cat, we will be more than happy to accommodate these requests. As well as dietary requests, access to veterinary care is vital in ensuring the peace of mind of our customers who find leaving their pet at a facility a daunting task and require that extra peace of mind. With 24 hour access to veterinary care, you can have complete confidence leaving your cat with Castelan knowing it will be cared for like family.

At Castelan, we go to great lengths to ensure our cattery and cat boarding in Brisbane provides the very best standards in cat accommodation. . To make a reservation or find out more information call us on 3390 1132 or email us at [email protected]

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